The “Supreme MCs Rule Boom Bap Hour” hosted by seasoned, veteran Hip-Hop artist and founder of Supreme MCs Rule
Hip-Hop Expression Program Selah Jetloud Guru and 30 year veteran DJ producer-engineer Bizzo Beats airs Sundays at
4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. on Round Here Radio! Round Here Radio is the only 24 hour HD digital Indie, Independent, 
Local Artists Urban Internet Radio Station in the CSRA area. 

The “Supreme MCs Rule Boom Bap Hour” is a live two-hour radio show discussing topics relevant to today’s Hip-Hop community and playing the hottest Boom Bap joints out today! We will also feature guest DJs and MCs to bring light to the true essence of Hip-Hop. Infusing you with ALL the elements of Hip-Hop culture - we highlight MCing, DJing, Breaking and 
Graffiti. Bringing you all the latest Hip-Hop News, we are bridging the understanding from the old school to the new school...highlighting the best in lyrical talent across the world!

What Is Boom Bap? 

Boom Bap is simply the sound of the heavy bass drum, and thick snare that characterizes many early, Hip-Hop records. Many people refer to Boom Bap as the original, old-school Hip-Hop.  Thoughts of legends such as KRS-One, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, GZA/Genius, Gang Starr,  KRS-One and Mobb Deep come to mind, plus many more. 

Building sponsorship relationships are important, as Selah Jetloud Guru and DJ Bizzo Beats utilize their platform to advertise the best services to their listening audience and how your services are a benefit. 

By sponsoring the Supreme MCs Rule Boom Bap Hour, you will be supporting the global Hip-Hop movement, showcasing your brand to the millions of “Hip-Hop purists” between the ages of 28-40 demographic that grew up in a time where hip-hop was diverse, informative, and soulful. These same individuals have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, accountants, dentists, etc., and still have a love of what hip-hop used to be, and where it is going. 

Whether you are in the business of music and entertainment or provide a needed service such as banking, insurance, legal assistance, home or car repairs, landscaping services, vehicle purchases or any product or service that can help our listening audience, we will partner and highlight you throughout the show. Your sponsorship is needed to support individual Hip-Hop artists to be displayed on an international platform. Your brand will encourage listeners that still have a love of what Hip-Hop used to be, and the Boom-Bap movement that is currently re-entering the Hip-Hop scene today across the globe. 

Advertising on the “Supreme MCs Rule Boom Bap Hour” is one of the most affordable and cost-effective ways to do so. With 200,000 listeners and an international audience that includes Germany, United Kingdom and many more who tune in to the service’s live radio stations, Supreme MCs Rule Boom Bap Hour’s broadcasting home at Round Here Radio 
can help to expose you to broad audiences you are currently not reaching. As the markets continue to grow and Hip Hop continues to have global influence, the Supreme MCs Rule Boom Bap Hour’s listenership growth will help propel your business’s exposure.

The average person spends 1,000 hours per year listening to the radio, second only to television at 1,500 hours. The “Supreme MCs Rule Boom Bap Hour” reaches your potential customers with extremely affordable per quarter and weekly rates.

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